Don't know how many of you know what tumblr is. It's sort of like a blogging site, just with more pictures. I made one to showcase my attempt at keeping up with a once-a-day doodle (or drawing, or painting) marathon. This is the url: doodlebender.tumblr.com

Admittedly it's going to get more updates than this blog, but I'm not abandoning this thing just yet. :)


twenty two fourteen

a couple of plein air paintings from the past week, both done in gouache.


hey sun stop smelling so loud

~45 minute color study of fechin's negro girl with orange.
he's so good aaaahhhh

and then a 1 hour acrylic self portrait using his color palette. who needs faces?

spanish sahara

various color studies and plein air paintings done the past two weeks.

my ukulele done in watercolor, about 30 minutes. cast shadows rock :)

in front of spartan complex east, about an hour. still learning how to capture the vibrancy of flowers - been picking them to tape into my sketchbook for further study, but all have wilted or dulled. must figure out a different course of action.

quick 30 minute acrylic painting, getting the feel for the medium.
also still learning how to paint.

soft pastel study of a wren. have a character design in mind for a story i plan on writing and illustrating - need to find an animal more powerful and less cuddly.

soft pastel color study done from a photo, just 'cause. translating colors with soft pastels is tricky, but i'm okay with how this turned out, considering i have rarely used this medium for any observational sketches. note: find a set with white pastel.


nordic cities

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~Henry James

Plein air in gouache and watercolor.

113A Final + Color Comps

113A final: black and white gouache painting of Metropolis.
Below that: some color comps.


Sir Percival and Dindrane

Line drawing done for my mythology class. Based on a small scene in the Holy Grail chapter of Thomas Malory's Le Morte de Arthur.

Metropolis Street

Line drawing done for 113A. I've fixed some mistakes since scanning this version in - I'll get to uploading the final final one after the semester.


I recently got into the SJSU AI BFA PRGRM (wahhooo celebration time!!). Below are the pieces I submitted.


figure drawing

above are a few figure drawings i've done this semester (in no particular order). some of them look really funky - they're part of a game called "push" i play with some peeps. it makes the sessions more fun, and is a great way to vent out frustration when i just can't nail the proportions/anatomy/drawing in general. : - )