spring 2012 is over

here is my 30-second animated film done for professor chai's 115 class. (and by 30 seconds, i really mean a minute and thirty seconds).

and the first speedpaint of the summer: a derptastic dog. a little under an hour.


maya modeling

the following are renders of the beginning Maya modelling projects i've done for class.

Daoist coin sword

trade knife

anti-zombie  baseball bat


collection of random things i've done in the past months.

test bg for upcoming Green Ninja short. 

another bg for same upcoming Green Ninja short.

caricature of a friend.

gift art for ruthie, her original character.
random fun with textures!



Don't know how many of you know what tumblr is. It's sort of like a blogging site, just with more pictures. I made one to showcase my attempt at keeping up with a once-a-day doodle (or drawing, or painting) marathon. This is the url: doodlebender.tumblr.com

Admittedly it's going to get more updates than this blog, but I'm not abandoning this thing just yet. :)